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Heritage is a training and shooting center with customer-focused staff, classrooms, ranges, simulation labs and a firearms retail shop. Learn more

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Shooting sports are more enjoyable in a pleasant environment. Our two, 25 yard ranges are safe, well-lit and climate controlled. Our design includes a ballistic envelope with impenetrable walls, floors and ceiling, air cleaning circulation system, lighting to approximate day light, sufficient space for safe firing, and acoustical treatment for sound attenuation and reverberation. The subtle details of the range — the quiet and climate-controlled atmosphere; the private ballistic paneled shooting booths; the simple programmable target system — all harmoniously combine to elevate the shooting experience to a higher level.


DefenseIs Personal

Fundamentally, personal protection is an individual responsibility, and the decisions incur individual accountability. The personal protection program contains comprehensive classes, virtual simulation experience and hands-on training for the general population. Our program aims to teach practical down-to-earth techniques, train hands-on skills, and equip students with the physical and mental preparation to confront threats. 



Heritage will have an extensive inventory of handguns, carbines and shotguns, with availability of corresponding ammunition and accessories. Similar firearms will be available to rent and shoot to aid in invested decision making. Our staff can present you with facts and information needed to help you in selecting the right firearm to accomplish your stated goals. We will mentor you through the process of evaluating the capabilities of the firearm and the comfortable fit to your body, so you can determine if this firearm meets your personal protection goals. This is a personal investment only you can decide. 


Heritage Breaks Ground

07-28-2014 On July 10, 2014 Waynesboro Construction broke ground and construction is underway for our new premier Training and Shooting center!Read More

What is Heritage Training and Shooting Center?

09-11-2014 Heritage is a training and shooting center with customer-focused staff, classrooms, ranges, simulation labs and a firearms retail shop. The core principle of Heritage is defining and refining your personal protection.Read More

Heritage Launches New Website

09-16-2014 We are excited to reveal our new website. While the full website for Heritage will not be launched until the end of the year, this interim site was built to educate the public about our new training and shooting center and to keep customers informed on our progress. The website highlights the three core areas of our business: Training, Range and Retail.Read More

Heritage Training and Shooting Center to Open Early 2015

09-22-2014 Today, we officially announced Heritage to the public and media with our first press release.Read More

Simulation Labs On The Way!

10- 9-2014 Recently, our team traveled to Colorado to visit TI Training, the industry-leading, award-winning team responsible for the creation of hardware and software solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals.Read More

Necessary Roughness: Finalizing the “Rough-End”

10-13-2014 Heritage Training and Shooting Center’s construction is nearing a milestone. We are anticipating the completion of the all roughing-in by October 17th with finishing stages of construction to follow immediately.Read More

Classroom Training and Advancement

10-16-2014 Training at Heritage allows students to progress comfortably through classroom training and scenario/simulation training.Read More

Construction and Staffing Updates

10-21-2014 With a goal of opening in early 2015, construction on Heritage Training and Shooting Center, a full-service, personal protection facility located in Frederick, Maryland, is well underway. The last few weeks have seen the completion of the ballistic envelope encasing the shooting range.Read More

Heritage Nears Final Construction: Finishing Stages Begin

10-23-2014 The anticipation builds as Waynesboro Construction begins the finishing stages of construction this week.Read More

Shooting Range: What You Can Expect

11- 4-2014 The state-of-the-art shooting ranges and target system will utilize new technology and accommodate all shooters.Read More

Retail: What You Can Expect

11-13-2014 Our retail store will have an extensive inventory of non-lethal devices, firearms, and accessories, all with a focus on personal protection.Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

11-26-2014 Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Heritage Training and Shooting Center!Read More

Training Courses: What You Can Expect

12- 4-2014 With a goal of promoting personal protection, Heritage Training and Shooting Center will offer a wide range of training courses for students of all skill and experience levels.Read More

Happy Holidays!

12-24-2014 From all of us here at Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we want to wish you and your family happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year. Keep an eye out for more Heritage Training and Shooting Center updates in 2015!Read More

Construction Update and Job Openings

01- 5-2015 Despite freezing Maryland temperatures, construction on the range continues to move forward. Crews will soon begin installing various range elements. Additionally, employment opportunities are still available in a number of capacities within the organization.Read More

First Look at Our Basic Personal Protection Course

01-22-2015 A unique feature of Heritage Training and Shooting Center is that our main focus is on your personal protection, whatever that might mean to you. We will offer a variety of training courses for different skill levels and areas of interest.Read More

Construction Updates: Target Worx has arrived!

01-26-2015 More detailed construction continues to take place every day at Heritage Training and Shooting Center. This week, our Target Worx Target Retrieval Systems arrived!Read More

Construction Updates: The warehouse is complete!

02- 3-2015 With the completion of the warehouse, several aspects of construction can now move forward. Heat and electric have also been finalized, so any work requiring electric, including lighting and internet installation, can now be finished.Read More

Discover Heritage: Handgun Qualification License Course

02-10-2015 Recently, Heritage Training and Shooting Center instructors became certified to teach a Handgun Qualification Course (HQL.) This four-hour course will allow Maryland residents to purchase a handgun.Read More

We passed close-in inspection!

02-19-2015 The close-in inspection was recently held at Heritage Training and Shooting Center, and we passed! This means we are on track with the construction we’ve completed so far and can continue to move forward.Read More

Construction Updates: The Ranges Are Being Soundproofed

02-23-2015 To prevent noise from disrupting our training course students and retail store customers, Heritage Training and Shooting Center has started the soundproofing process. This will provide a quiet and enjoyable shooting, learning, and shopping environment for all Heritage patrons.Read More

Heritage Training and Shooting Center is now on Facebook

03- 5-2015 We are pleased to announce the launch of the Heritage Training and Shooting Center Facebook page!Read More

Subscribe To Our Email Updates For Special Offers

03- 9-2015 Those who subscribe to Heritage Training and Shooting Center emails will receive special training facility offers.Read More

Construction Update: Front Entrance and Furniture Orders Complete

03-19-2015 Our construction crews have finished creating the front entrance of our facility and have completed the bathrooms and catering kitchen. Additionally, furniture orders are finalized and on their way.Read More

Construction Update: Finishing Touches

03-23-2015 The finishing touches of construction are now taking place inside the facility. This includes the completion of flooring, cabinetry, and more.Read More

Heritage Training and Shooting Center Hosts Media Tour

04- 6-2015 Last week, Heritage Training and Shooting Center opened its doors for a media tour. Various local media outlets took the opportunity to tour our facility, take pictures, and speak with our vice president. Following the tour, the Frederick News-Post published a story featuring our range.Read More

Shooting Range Rentals, Pricing, and Rules

04- 8-2015 One of the many ways that Heritage Training and Shooting Center will differ from other ranges is through its pricing structure. Instead of traditional costly upfront memberships, at Heritage ranges and rentals will be charged at affordable hourly ratesRead More

Construction Update: The Lobby is Complete!

04-16-2015 With the completion of the lobby and the installation of the shooting range booths, the facility construction is almost finished. Furniture deliveries are also in the process of being finalized, with most of the furniture already in place.Read More

Staffing Update: Our Management Team is in Place!

04-23-2015 With our management team in place, we are in the process of completing staff training with all of our full-time employees. Range construction is continuing with electrical installations and all furniture has arrived.Read More

Online Range Reservations and Class Schedules

04-30-2015 Another unique feature of Heritage Training and Shooting Center will be the ability to reserve shooting range lanes and sign up for training classes on our website using our online registration system. Additionally, computer kiosks in our lobby will have the same feature to reduce your wait time.Read More

Construction at Heritage is Complete!

05-15-2015 Now that all construction is finished and the county has granted us final occupancy, we are getting ready to set a grand opening date!Read More

Grand Opening Announcement!

05-19-2015 You’ve been waiting for this announcement for months! Our grand opening date has been set.Read More


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We are looking for sales, training and range safety officers to work at our all-encompassing personal protection training center.  

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