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Understanding how to pick out the best gun courses and training center for your situation is essential. We understand this and are ready to take you from first-time safety classes to defense to training in low light conditions. At Heritage Shooting and Training Center, we've developed in-depth courses, starting with basic firearm training while helping you build your confidence with a firearm handling.

Self-defense is one of the most important reasons people decide to own a gun. Protecting your family is a top concern, and we feel the same way. We’ve spent over four years and countless hours to create a complete personal protection curriculum for the general public with a variety of courses, ranging from basic to advanced.

By choosing a course at Heritage, you can be confident that your instructor will be:

  • Knowledgeable about handling firearms

  • Well versed in appropriate training aids

  • Able to formulate lesson plans

  • Able to set and meet learning objectives

  • Able to evaluate shooters for skill level

  • Able to identify and correct deficiencies in gun handling

We have instructors who have completed training for particular disciplines, which is essential if you are seeking a course on a specialized topic such as personal protection or home safety. Hands-on training with our experienced staff will begin in the classroom, followed by our simulation training lab scenarios, and will conclude with live-fire exercises.

Just as you wouldn’t automatically assume someone is a good driving instructor just because they can drive, you shouldn’t automatically think that just anyone offering to teach you about gun safety is up to the task. It is difficult to tell how good an instructor is yourself without prior knowledge of how they are when teaching in the classroom or on the gun range. Looking for extensively trained instructors is a way around that problem, as that means the person who will be teaching you gun safety or how to protect yourself has been evaluated and approved by highly trained experts already.

At Heritage Training and Shooting Center is where you will experience top quality hands-on training. When it comes to something as important as gun safety, being sure your instructor has the expertise, and gun handling experience required is critical. In doing so, we help maintain the high gun safety standards that empower you.

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