Construction and Staffing Updates


With a goal of opening in early 2015, construction on Heritage Training and Shooting Center, a full-service, personal protection facility located in Frederick, Maryland, is well underway.
The last few weeks have seen the completion of the ballistic envelope encasing the shooting range. This highly important safety feature is made up of an impenetrable concrete deck over ceiling and 8” concrete filled block walls. Moreover, there are baffles on the ceiling, a steel safety shield, and steel wall deflectors. With the completion of the ballistic envelope, contractors will move on to installing the acoustical sealing treatment for sound attenuation and reverberation, ensuring that the sound from the range is as subdued as possible. Additionally, all electrical systems have been completed in the lobby, retail and training areas, as well as the simulator labs.
With electrical in place The Training Lab™, a state-of-the-art training simulator from Ti Training in Golden, Colorado, can be installed. Using cutting edge technology, this shooting simulator projects life-size images in high definition so viewers can experience potentially threatening scenarios. The equipment reacts to a broad range of lethal and non-lethal weapons containing IR lasers and air recoil kits. Scenario training will allow students to learn and advance their personal protection skills before direct exposure to the range, live firearms, or possible real-life situations.
The simulator, with technology currently used to train Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals, incorporates debriefing and feedback capabilities, allowing range officers to play back scenarios with trainees for review. Other optional features include surround sound, sound effects, adjustable lighting levels, other environmental factors to increase reality, and the ability to utilize a variety of weapons. Heritage Training and Shooting Center will offer two training simulators as integral parts of their training classes.
Heritage Training and Shooting Center will create more than 40 new jobs in Frederick County. The staffing process has begun as we welcome David Kloos, Training Director, who will bring more than 28 years of law enforcement experience into the classroom and simulation lab.
“Our training is tailored to meet the particular needs of our students,” Kloos said. “The state of the art simulation labs incorporate a “hands on” learning environment and provide students with the opportunity to apply what they learned in the classroom, objectively evaluate their performance, and practice in a safe location.”

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Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, range and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind.