First Time Gun Owner? Here's Where to Start with Firearm Training


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Owning a firearm can provide a sense of safety and security to your home. Collecting firearms can be an excellent hobby to pursue. That said, using a gun you're not trained on can be dangerous and even life-threatening. A firearms safety training course can inform a new gun owner about local laws, home safety, and how the mechanisms involved in safe firearm operation.

NRA Gun Courses

An NRA certified course is a great option because it draws on the years of knowledge and expertise from one of America's leading firearm institutions. NRA training courses prepare you to keep and use your gun in compliance with national laws and certifications. They also teach best practices to keep you and your family safe.

Maryland Handgun Qualification License

Not only does your participation in an gun safety course make you safer and more prepared, but it can also help you with licensing to purchase a firearm in Maryland. Receiving training is a critical part of owning a handgun, and it covers your bases legally as well. A handgun certification course is where you learn about the necessary safety protocols that every responsible gun owner needs to know.

Maryland Gun Defense Courses

New gun owners may want to take a semi-automatic defense unit course. Our offerings range from defense fundamentals to more advanced techniques:

  • Fundamentals - Introductory courses start by explaining fundamental things such as the different types of guns and how to clean them. Covering the basics helps create an excellent base for future learning.
  • Techniques - This is where you learn the different mechanics of using a firearm for your safety. You can cover defensive methods for different types of guns. You'll also learn how to react to situations such as gun malfunctions and low lighting.
  • Advanced Techniques - Here you learn about superior decision making. We'll cover holster drawing and use of barricades. There's even a segment on how to safely and legally carry a concealed weapon.
  • Advanced Courses of Fire - This segment is for those who are looking for the biggest challenge. The course can even prepare you to receive a Wear & Carry Permit. Be aware that many courses at this level involve significant range time.

Course Near Me

We at Heritage Training and Shooting center provide a full training experience. Our team of experts will provide you with practical techniques and applicable skills to prepare you mentally and physically for safe firearm use. Trainings are tailored to your personal needs, skills, and comfort level. We can even teach you the procedure to purchase a firearm legally if you don't have one yet. Look into our training academy today to learn how to defend yourself in threatening situations.

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