“How much training and practice do I need”?


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The amount of training you need depends on your goals. Let’s compare it to running. Some people enjoy a leisurely jog a few times a week, others train to run in a local 5K. Some people wish to complete a marathon and others train to WIN the marathon. The type of shooter you wish to become will determine the amount of education, training and practice that you need.

Do you want to become merely proficient, better than average, good or excellent? How much value do you place on the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones? Defense is personal, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. Ask a Heritage staff member about our Firearm Training Academy. Our four levels of training, called Defense Units, start at the core fundamentals and can bring you all the way up to advanced course of fire and advanced defense techniques.

If you have never run a day in your life, you will not win the marathon tomorrow.

Plan to prevail and get started today.

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