How to Get Into Competitive Shooting


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How to Get Involved in Shooting Sports

Shooting sports are a huge opportunity for education and real-world practice, as well as a big dose of fun. There are various kinds of shooting sports to choose from. At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we host an ASI (Action Shooting International) League. The ASI sports events are where new pistol shooters, pistol owners, or concealed carry permit holders can learn, train and compete in a safe setting. These matches consist of 4 “stages of fire" where you will be scored on your time and accuracy. You'll be practicing moving between cover and firing from said cover while focusing on hitting your targets. Our ASI Shooting League at Heritage is a way to take your range training to the next level, in a fun way that evolves everything you learned on the line!

ASI shooting is meant as an introductory experience to the world of action shooting sports. So the level of intensity has already been reduced to foster learning in a relaxed setting. There are still a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for your first foray into real firearm operational training.


1. Take A Beginner’s Gun Course

If you’re brand new to shooting, it can pay dividends to take one of our beginner’s classes. These classes will help familiarize yourself with how a firearm operates. You'll learn how to handle a gun, as well as what verbal commands you’ll need to be listening for from Range Safety Officers. We offer individual courses on different types of firearms, as well as a Beginner's Range Instruction for those brand new to shooting.


2. Prepare The Proper Equipment

A “safe” .380, .38, 9mm, .40 or .45 handgun, revolver or semi-automatic, is required for ASI matches and will need to be approved by Range Staff for use. Besides the 100 rounds of ammo, be sure that you have two magazines or speed loaders to complete reloading required mid-round.


3. Sign Up for Our Next League Match (And Holster Draw Certification)

It’s easy to register for upcoming Action Shooting International league matches on our site, with matches held on a weekly basis. We offer a discounted Holster Draw Exercise course before the match. The exercise will help you get certified for unholstering safely during the match. Sign up today and learn life-saving skills in a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment!


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