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Dear Heritage Community,

I’m sure you’ve heard of our new Heritage Firearm Training Academy, which is great because we want to make sure everyone is aware of what an exceptional resource this is right here in Frederick, MD. I want to take a moment to put a fine point on why the Academy is so different and why we encourage all shooters to take advantage of what these courses have to offer.

You won’t find curriculum like this anywhere else. It was created by our expert staff of industry professionals with years of experience and backgrounds in armed forces and law enforcement.

Our courses cater to every skill level and allow students to grow and advance at their own pace. We don’t tell you what level you belong in, we let you jump in at a level you feel fits you best. This is a “choose your own adventure” with a huge variety of options.

Courses take place in the classroom, simulation labs and on the range. You won’t find a high-tech facility like this one anywhere else in the region. We have all of the bells and whistles to enhance your training experience, including our simulation labs that offer virtual augmented reality scenarios.

Defense Units 3 and 4 offer highly specialized courses that are typically only available to law enforcement professionals – this means you’ll have the opportunity to complete challenging courses of fire and train like a professional. We don’t know of another place that offers defensive training at this level.

Firearm training isn’t something that can be completely mastered, it’s a lifelong commitment and we’ve created a facility and training curriculum that will support you at any stage of your journey.

All the Best,

Jim LaFleur

President of Heritage Training and Shooting Center

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