New Courses Added to the Heritage Training Program


Defense Is Personal

You are responsible for your personal defense. The Defense is Personal Course presents the mindset and tools to develop a personal defense plan for each individual. Heritage instructors assist all students in identifying specific threats to safety in the home, at work, and while traveling. This course does not include firearm instruction.  This two hour course is free to the public for a limited time!

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Familiarization Courses

Heritage Training & Shooting Center is proud to announce the Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Familiarization Courses. Each course is one hour long and consists of a brief introduction to different operating systems of each type of firearm. These are shooting courses for anyone with a basic experience with firearms. Range time, ammunition, and firearms are all included in the course fee of $65. See below for more details of each course:

Handgun  Familiarization Course

This course consists of a brief introduction to four different platforms of handguns including: Glock, Revolver, 1911, & Beretta.

Shotgun Familiarization Course

This course consists of a brief introduction to three different platforms of shotguns including: Pump Action, Semi-Automatic & Hinge Action. 

Rifle Familiarization Course

This course consists of a brief introduction to three different platforms of rifles including: Bolt Action, Semi-Automatic & Lever Action.

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COMING SOON: Livescan Fingerprinting Services

Heritage Training & Shooting Center is an approved provider of livescan fingerprint services. We are in the final stages of system installation and will soon be open to the public.


COMING SOON: Utah Conceal Carry Weapon Permit Course

Coming soon to Heritage is the Utah Conceal Carry Weapon Course. This course provides all necessary training qualifications for a Utah Conceal Carry Weapons Permit. Fingerprint card, photograph, and finished application will be submitted at the completion of this course.



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