Practicing The Fundamentals


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Are you new to shooting? Or thinking about returning to shooting?

Being a good gun-owner means you need to practice your basic fundamentals. Two of the most important things to think about are your sight picture and trigger control. These are two things that you can practice with your handgun on the range or in your home!

Always make sure your handgun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before practicing. First, make sure you are concentrating on the front sight post. It should be crystal-clear in your field of vision. Line of up the top of the post with the top of the rear sight. Make sure there is light on each side of the front sight post; your rear sight should be in the middle of your front side post. Practicing acquiring your target this way can help you become a more proficient marksman. 

Trigger control is the second thing that you can practice easily. It is important to maintain control while pulling the trigger. Taking up the slack in a slow, deliberate manner and slowly pulling through the resistance is important. Try to move your finger back in a straight motion. If you pull too quickly or suddenly, you risk your shot going off target.

You can practice these two basic skills without firing off a shot!

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