Rifle and Shotguns Designed for Smaller Stature Adults


Fit and function are priorities in selecting a firearm; however, this can be a challenge for smaller stature shooters. Shooting a gun with a poor fit including too long a barrel or large stock can be frustrating and difficult, making the experience less enjoyable. At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we have an extensive selection of rifles and shotguns perfectly suited for those of smaller stature, particularly women. Rifles and Shotguns with shorter barrels, smaller stocks and reduced length of pull will help create the perfect fit for those with smaller frames. A shorter barrel also makes for easier maneuverability and quicker target acquisition ideal for home defense. Heritage Training and Shooting Center is dedicated to your personal protection and home defense is our priority. The Mossberg 500 Bantam and the CZ-USA 527 Rifle are just two of the firearms we have in retail and in our rental department. Come in and Arm Yourself with Experience! 

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