September Newsletter: Back to Basics


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Dear Heritage Community, 

As the kids head back to school, it is a good reminder that when it comes to firearms your training is never done. Whether it is a class that you have been putting off taking or realizing your skills have gotten a little rusty now is the time to get back in the classroom and on the range.

If you are new to shooting, taking one of our Basic courses will help you get started. Our “Basic” classes are designed to teach you the core skills so that at the end of the two hour course you are confidently, effectively, and safely  firing on our range. That’s why we make sure that you have time in our simulation lab and on the range with an instructor during all our Basic Courses.

If you are already an experienced shooter with a firearm collecting dust, we urge you to come use the range to practice your fundamentals and shooting drills. If it comes to using your firearm to defend yourself, you want to be confident in your ability. This is why practicing regularly with your firearm is one of the most important things you can do as a gun owner.

Summer is a busy time with vacations and kids out of school. Now that school is back in session and Fall is around the corner, come visit us and see how we can help you reach your personal protection goals. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

James LaFleur
President, Heritage Training and Shooting Center 

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