Simulation Labs On The Way!


Recently, our team traveled West to visit with the folks at TI Training. TI Training is the industry-leading, award-winning team who create hardware and software solutions for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals. After participating in multiple training sessions we finalized our selection for our highly anticipated Simulation Labs.  Heritage will offer two state-of-the-art simulation labs each loaded with various high definition scenarios. The scenarios react to a broad range of lethal and non-lethal weapons containing IR lasers and air recoil kits. We are very excited to offer the simulation labs to the public as a part of our training program. Scenario training is a great tool that allows students to learn and advance their personal protection skills before direct exposure to the range, live firearms or potential real-life situations.

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Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, range and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind.