Summertime Shooting Raffle


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Beginning August 1st, and throughout the month of August, when you visit our Range Operations and donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior Foundation you will get a H-6 Target* for your chance to win one of 5 great prizes including the 2nd Anniversary Heritage Custom Glock 19!

1st Place: 2nd Anniversary Heritage Custom Glock 19
2nd Place: $250 Heritage Gift Card
3rd Place: $100 He
ritage Gift Card
4th Place: $50 Heritage Gift Card
5th Place: $25 Heritage Gift Card

To be entered into the drawing once, participants must hit or break the line of the large 3 Inch square with 5 out of 10 shots. To receive two entries in the raffle, participants must hit 5 out of 10 shots in the center 1 inch square (bullseye).
Stop into Retail throughout the month to check out the Grand Prize 2nd Anniversary Heritage Custom Glock 19!!

* Limit one target per lane rental.

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