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At Heritage in Frederick, Maryland, we keep personal protection in mind on and off the gun range. While developing your skills, technique, and accuracy, real-world preparation is being built up as well. With high standards of gun safety protocol and gear in the setting of a professionally accredited range, we can help you reach your goals.

With each lane rental, we provide over-ear protection, eye safety glasses, and three complementary targets. Any beginner educated in gun safety etiquette can participate with a gun rental rate starting at $15, so all experience levels are accepted. Each lane is equipped with an easily controlled electronic target system where you can aim up to 25 yards away or get up-close and personal. The range is designed for firearms up to a .308 rifle, a .44 magnum handgun, or a ten gauge shotgun. Hop in ahead of the walk-ins by reserving a lane online and waste no time training your aim.

To promote safety and enjoyment, we’ve streamlined our guidelines to be as inclusive as possible. We encourage a respectful climate and professional behavior from all staff and patrons. Eye and ear protection are required on the range; we’ll have the right fitting for you. Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are on duty at all times to observe and enforce proper safety procedure. RSOs do not train conduct training on the range, but we offer firearm courses and certifications here in Maryland such as the Maryland Handgun Qualification License Course. Knowledge is the best safeguard from accidents, and we are happy to answer any questions about our safety protocols.

With over 150 rental firearms available, there is no shortage of options. Stick to a gun you know and enjoy, or get out of your comfort zone and explore. Our rental inventory is paired with our retail selection, so if you try something new and fall in love, we can make you a proud owner. Rentals are only allowed to be used with the ammunition purchased at Heritage. Our knowledgeable staff can help advise you on what style or caliber will be a good selection. While heavy-duty weaponry may seem enticing to the novice, bigger isn’t always better; developing skill with handling and aiming is always preferable to wielding an unmanageable firearm.

Anyone seeking a quality gun range in Maryland can get what they’re looking for here at Heritage Training and Shooting Center. We take great satisfaction in providing people with the tools to improve and be the best they can be.

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