The Top 10 Questions Women Who Are New Gun Owners Ask


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Gun ownership, concealing and carrying, and gun safety is three topics that we hear in discussion regularly. According to a survey conducted by Pew Social Trends 30%percent of Americans personally own a gun, while another 11% percent say that there is someone in their house that owns one. Of current and future gun owners, a full 67% cite protection as the major reason. More women are considering gun ownership and they are even more likely than men to state that the main reason for this is personal protection. As this trend continues, it helps to understand the basis of gun ownership and best practices to safely conceal and carry a gun. Below are common questions we hear from women who recently purchased a gun or are considering investing in one.


1. Is this the right gun for me?

This question can be difficult to answer. First, you need to ask yourself “why you want the gun?” This helps determine what type of gun would best suit your needs (pistol or rife, etc.) Once you determine this, the next decision is whether you want a semi-automatic or not. Study the pros and cons of each before deciding. Finally, hold the gun. If it feels comfortable in your hands, try to see if you can shoot it. Once you determine that a gun suits your purpose and is comfortable for you to both hold and shoot, then it is the gun for you.

At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, you can try holding and using multiple guns in a safe environment. Our training center/ classes will help you learn how to properly use and handle the gun, while our shooting range allows you to become more comfortable and precise with each shot.


2. Should I get different guns for personal and home protection?

It is not necessary to have separate guns for your home and personal area(s), but some gun owners choose to have more than one for accessibility and self-interest reasons. If you decide to purchase and own one gun, make sure it’s easy to access during your times of need. Become familiar and confident with how your gun operates through our training classes.


3. What is a semi-automatic gun?

Semi-automatic guns fire one shot each time the trigger is pulled. To load ammunition into a semi-automatic firearm, you can fill the magazine and lock it into place. Once you pull the trigger, the bullet is shot, and as the slide functions, the casing is ejected and another cartridge loads into the chamber, ready to fire when you pull the trigger again.


4. Will my gun fire on its own?

It is highly unlikely that your gun will fire on its own.  Modern firearms are designed for safety and will not shoot on its own if you follow necessary safety precautions like keeping your finger off the trigger. If you plan to wear a holster, make sure you’re investing on one that doesn't compromise the trigger guard.


5. What should I wear to better conceal my gun?

Every body is different, so the best thing you can do is try a variety of loose-fitting outfits and choosing is comfortable and best conceal your weapon. Some tips to remember while deciding on your outfits:

  • Printed patterns are typically better than plain colors
  • Sheer clothing and form-fitting clothing should be avoided
  • Thicker fabric with pockets/an extra layer of canvas is favorable


6. Is there a preferred holster?

The only preference in holsters is that they do cover the trigger guard and that they feel comfortable for you. If you usually wear pants, one that attaches to belt loops may be most comfortable. Specialty clothing with built in holsters may also be considered. What is essential outside of comfort, is that you can reach your gun easily if necessary.


7. How do I safely hand over a firearm to another person?

The best way to hand over a gun is to lay it on a flat surface with the empty chamber facing upwards. This allows the person receiving the firearm to verify that it’s clear before picking it up. If it’s not possible to pass the gun on a flat surface, make sure the chamber is empty and the magazine is removed before handing it over. In this scenario, it would be best to pass the gun (grip facing towards who you’re passing it to), with the muzzle facing a safe direction.


8. Should I keep a round in the chamber?

As long as you follow all safety rules, including not touching the trigger unless you are prepared to fire and keeping the gun away from inexperienced hands, leaving a cartridge in the chamber is an option.


9. How often should my gun be cleaned and how do I do that?

Since every firearm is different, it’s important to read the owner's manual to learn how frequently you should clean your gun. The owner’s manual you receive will also explain how to disassemble and clean the gun. If you need extra guidance, you can look up guides and YouTube videos provided by each manufacturer. Need help? We also offer professional gun cleaning services.


10. What type of ammo do I need?

Ammunition will vary depending on the gun you purchase and your primary purpose for shooting. For self-defense, hollow point bullets are best. This type of ammunition expands upon impact to ensure the bullet doesn’t over penetrate. If you’re practicing on the firing range full metal jacket(FMJ) ammunition is appropriate as it more cost-effective. To learn what ammo is best, do you research through manufacturer websites and other trusted resources. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Final Words

Responsible gun ownership includes asking questions and getting proper training for the gun you own. At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, our trainers will take the time to answer any questions you may have and show you how to handle and operate your gun correctly. Contact us today to get the training you need to become and safe and responsible gun owner.



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