Tips for Competitive Shooting


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Accuracy is Key: 
Nerves can be high on competition day and it’s common for some competitors to forget the two most basic fundamentals of shooting accuracy – sight picture and trigger pull. To improve your sights and tighten up your shot group, make sure you are applying even horizontal pressure on the trigger, pulling straight back towards you. 

Relax and Have Fun: 
Remember to relax and breathe. People get all worked up over competition shoots, but it's just like any other day at the range, just more structured. The whole point of competing is to have fun – remember, a bad day shooting beats a good day at work! 

Remember Anyone Has a Chance at Winning: 
There will be brand new shooters who may be intimidated as well as expert shooters who have years of experience with competitive shooting. The fact of the matter is, anyone can win. The targets at GSSF matches are large enough to attract beginners yet challenging enough for shooters of all skill levels. Most importantly, everyone who competes will leave with a smile on their face after experiencing a fun day on the range. 

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