Trainers Tip: Moving and Shooting


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Often, when we go to practice with our firearm we do the same thing every time. We pack our range bag and head to the range. When we get there, we stand in a perfect isosceles stance with our arms in the correct position and our muzzle pointed downrange. We meticulously prepare for each shot.

Unfortunately, in a real-life situation, you will not get to make sure your form is perfect before you shoot. In a defensive situation, you have so many things to remember at once that some things may go by the wayside. The best way to prevent this is to practice so it becomes second nature. This is why it is important to practice moving and shooting in controlled environments such as our Action Shooting International Matches. When you are practicing moving, transitioning targets, and reloading, you will quickly find fundamentals that you may need to improve on. Becoming comfortable with moving, shooting, and reloading in a dynamic environment will help you become a well-rounded, more competent defensive shooter.
Here are a few tips that will help you:

  • Leave a round or two out of your magazine; this may allow your magazine to lock into your firearm more easily.
  • Practice transitioning to different parts of your target while on the standard range to help you when you are moving.
  • ALWAYS keep your barrel pointed in a safe direction.
  • Focus on making the correct drop step when you are moving backward.
  • Always try to keep your target (threat) in view.

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