What Everyone Needs to Know About Gun Safety, Even If You Don’t Own a Gun


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Even if you’re not a gun owner and never expect to come into contact with one, there’s no way to be 100% certain the situation won’t arise.

Guns are so commonplace that basic gun safety knowledge could make a serious impact in your life someday.

Whether you’re afraid to touch one or if you feel like you could figure out how to handle it, there’s a huge difference between seeing firearms in the movies and holding one.

Not only will knowing the ABC’s of gun safety rules make you more comfortable around them, but it will teach respect and responsibility for proper handling.


The first and most important rule is to treat all guns as loaded and capable of firing on their own.

Wherever the gun is aiming, it has a potential to go off. Firearms are powerful, and there are no take-backs or second chances when accidents happen.

Even if the gun is unloaded, it’s critical to assume there’s always one in the chamber.

Under no circumstances is a gun to be pointed at another person, because you can’t trust a mechanical device with a human being’s life.

Should a misfire happen, the best case scenario is that it goes towards the ground. When a gun doesn’t fire as intended, you must anticipate it going off at any moment while you’re unloading it.


When wielding a gun, you should keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot.

It could be a more sensitive trigger than you anticipated, and the lack of control for the unprepared firing can injure you or others.

Using the correct ammo is important for gun safety. While some firearms can use a variety of rounds, make sure the ammo type matches your gun, and it isn’t damaged or expired.

If you’re aiming at a target, be certain there’s nothing between you or beyond your mark when you fire. And remember before pointing the barrel towards the sky: what comes up, always comes down.


Having all this information puts you further down the road to knowing safe handling techniques, but the only way to be truly comfortable with guns is to take a gun safety course.

Taking a class is a wise plan for self-defense and for the conventional skills that could save a life someday.

If you’re looking for “gun safety classes near me,” Heritage Training and Shooting Center offers comprehensive hands-on gun safety courses from beginner to advanced levels.

Gaining practical knowledge and mental conditioning for threatening scenarios will save time and keep you cool under pressure. The staff at Heritage are experienced and approachable, ready to help you become informed and confident.


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