Pricing & Memberships


Range Rates


One-time registration fee: $10

Covers required safety briefing that all shooters must attend and cost of Heritage Range Card, which gives shooters access to the range.

Lane rental: $25 per hour, all targets, eye protection, and ear protection included. Second shooter is additional $10.

Gun rental: $15 per hour, some models may cost more or less depending on the product.


Heritage Complete Membership

This monthly membership package is exclusive to our state-of-the-art ranges and is perfect for customers of all skill levels. The best way to build confidence with firearms is the repetition of skills learned in training courses. Unfortunately, only so much practice range time can be scheduled into a regular firearm training course. A Complete Membership bridges the gap between training courses by providing unlimited range time to enhance firearm skills such as sight alignment and trigger control. This practice will enable you to be confident in your firearm ownership.


Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited range time for a single lane and single user
  • Two Free Firearm Rentals Per Hour
  • FFL Transfer Eligibility
  • One Free Guest Per Month


Single for $59 per month or Two for $99 per month ($49 initiation fee)
*Ammunition not included.


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