Range Rates

One-time registration fee: $10

Covers required safety briefing that all shooters must attend and cost of Heritage Range Card, which gives shooters access to the range.

Lane rental: $25 per hour, all targets, eye protection, and ear protection included. Second shooter is additional $10.

Gun rental: Average of $15 per hour, some models may cost more or less depending on the product.



Select Firearms Sale
Saturday, November 11 & Sunday, November 12 | 

Great deals on firearms perfect for both home defense and personal protection!  See all sale details.

ASI Match
Every Wednesday in December | 

Action Shooting International (ASI) Match is a competition that is fun for all shooting levels and will help you develop valuable shooting skills. Matches will be held every Wednesday in November at 6:30pm with a Holster Draw Exercise at 5:30 for those wishing to become certified to holster draw on the range.

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Every Other Monday: Holster Draw Range Time 5pm – 7pm

November 20 & December 4: Anyone who has taken the Holster Draw Excercise at Heritage is eligible to use a holster during this specialized range time. You can practice the fundamentals of safely and effectively drawing your firearm from a holster with experienced safety officers to help you. For those wishing to become certified to holster draw on the range, we will be offering our Holster Draw Exercise at 5pm on these nights. Must be 21 years or older. 

Every Other Monday: Low Light Shooting 5pm – 7pm

November 13 & 27: Train using a handgun in a low light shooting situation. Bring your own handgun with an attachment light or a flashlight and work on nighttime target recognition and shooting techniques. Handguns Only. No Extra Cost. First Come First Serve. 

GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Competition

We’re excited to host for the second time the Glock Shooting Sport Foundation (GSSF) competition. It is a three-month, three-series shooting competition open to ages 15 and up. The series will end with prizes and giveaways (including a FREE GLOCK firearm) during the last match in October. Competitors pay $15 to enter. 

*You must be a member of GSSF to participate. Participants aged 15-21 must have a parent or guardian present. 

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Tuesday: Fun Target Shooting 9am – 9pm

Enjoy fun and competitive targets such as Big Bango, Sink-a-Sub, Golf and more! No additional cost

Friday: Date Night on the Range 6pm – 9pm
Any rental 9mm handgun, 1-hour lane rental for 2 and 1 box of ammo for $45!

3rd Tuesday of Every Month: The Well Armed Woman, Western Maryland Chapter Meeting 6pm – 8pm

Monthly meetings are open to all women, 21 years or older. Time will be devoted to discussion and topical study as well as time on the range learning and practicing safe gun handling skills at each monthly event. All participants can rent a Glock 17 free of charge and are only required to pay for costs of ammunition, or if they’d like to upgrade their rental firearm.

Annual Chapter membership dues of $50 offers members local and national discounts, chapter hat and member kit and is used to cover chapter expenses, insurance, and events. First-time attendees are not required to join.

To join this chapter, please visit: twawshootingchapters.org/index.php?_route_=chapter/view&cid=449. Women interested in learning more can contact Brenna Pattajo at bpattajo@heritagetrainingcenter.com



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