Who is Heritage Training and Shooting Range?

At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we welcome everyone from amateur to experienced shooters with an interest in safe firearm handling and training. Personal protection, education on gun safety, and recreational shooting are goals we can help you accomplish. We offer classes for firearm handling and education, personal protection, comfortable indoor ranges, and a variety of retail options with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help find the right fit for you. Our ranges are built to host recreational shooting, corporate events, ladies night out, or routinely honing your defense skills.

Firearm Training

Heritage offers a thorough training program for various levels of experience. Courses are designed to increase confidence in your personal defense and ensure weapon safety. Our four-unit defense courses build core knowledge to establish confidence and aptitude for handling firearms. Classes encourage students to advance at their own pace, ensuring a solid grasp of material that compares with skills law enforcement agents learn. Advanced Individual Training provides attention to each student from a qualified and supportive trainer. Practice in the Marksmanship Sim Lab or with an instructor on the range.

Courses are tailored for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and firearm cleaning depending on what you want to explore. Intermediate firearm training covers low light techniques, firearm malfunctions, holster draw exercise, and barricade/low light handgun exercise. Moving into advanced techniques,  where defensive techniques and decision making are reinforced to apply your knowledge to real-world experiences. Upon completion, you will have access to the Advanced Courses of Fire, our adopted version of the MD State Police Qualification Course. Available nowhere else in the nation, this unique opportunity teaches civilians advanced tactical defense.

Gun Range

We have two indoor ranges, each sporting 12 lanes for practicing on targets up to 25-yards. One is open to the public, while the other is reserved for course-related training. Both are handicap accessible, feature intuitive target controls, and ballistic padding in each booth. These well-lit and climate-controlled ranges are comfortable and safe environments that allow you to focus on your practice. With over 150 firearms available to rent, ammunition, and easy online reservation, we make your training session hassle-free. 

Firearms and Accessories Store 

Our informative retail specialists can answer most of your questions about a first-time purchase as well as guide you through our broad inventory. Non-lethal devices, firearms, and accessories are available to assemble your self-defense gear. See something you like? You have the opportunity to try it before you buy it on the range, so there’s no buyer’s remorse. With professional service and a streamlined approach to making a purchase, all the bases are covered leaving you feeling empowered and confident. Our team of experts are also available to help train you on their use and ensure you are getting the most out of your purchase.