Heritage Indoor Gun Range

Introduction About Our Range

Heritage Short LogoHeritage Training and Shooting Center has two, 12-lane, 25-yard indoor firing ranges intended for firearms with a personal protection mission. One range will be available to the public for recreational shooting, while the other will often be reserved for training purposes. Both ranges are handicap accessible, feature easy-to-use programmable target systems, and contain private ballistic paneled shooting booths, which all contribute to a comfortable shooting atmosphere. Additionally, our well-lit and climate-controlled environment will make your experience more enjoyable. Our range features all the essentials for an undisturbed shooting experience. The climate control, lighting scaled to simulate daylight, air purification, and impenetrable sound-dampening partitions make for a comfortable environment. Both ranges are handicap accessible and feature easy-to-use target systems. Shoot solo or alternate with a partner in the spacious booths that will make you feel like a true VIP guest.

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Public Range

Heritage is open to the public Thursday through Sunday.  One-time registration fee: $10, Covers required safety briefing that all shooters must attend and cost of Heritage Range Card, which gives shooters access to the range. Lane rental: $25 per hour, all targets, eye protection, and ear protection included. Second shooter is additional $10. Gun rental: $15 per hour, some models may cost more or less depending on the product.  With each lane rental, we provide over-ear protection, eye safety glasses, and three complementary targets. Any beginner educated in gun safety etiquette can participate in a gun rental rate starting at $15, and all experience levels are accepted. The range is designed for firearms up to a .308 rifle, a .44 magnum handgun, or a ten-gauge shotgun. Hop in ahead of the walk-ins by reserving a lane online and waste no time training your aim.

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Private Range

Heritage Training and Shooting Center offers Private Range time for contract, agencies, large groups, and corporate events. We will work with you to customize an experience that will meet your individual needs. We also offer flexible timing and can open our doors for you outside of our normal operating hours. When you work with us, you’ll receive highest level of privacy and confidentially. 


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At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we take safety very seriously. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers, we have implemented specific rules for our shooting range. All customers will be required to sign a form stating that they acknowledge these rules during the first visit. Heritage Training and Shooting Center reserves the right to refuse use of the range or service to any person at any time.  To promote safety and enjoyment, we’ve streamlined our guidelines to be as inclusive as possible. We welcome ages 15 and up to the range. Ages of 18 and over may rent long guns while you must be 21 or wiser to rent handguns. Eye and ear protection are required on the range; we’ll have the right fitting for you. Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are on duty at all times to observe and enforce proper safety procedure. Knowledge is the best safeguard from accidents, and we are happy to answer any questions about our safety protocols.



Our rental firearm inventory is designed to help you decide which firearm is best for your individual personal protection objective. We also have a variety of guns for recreational shooting. Our selection of handguns, carbines, and shotguns mirror our inventory for sale in the retail shop. We have over 150 firearms to rent, including all GLOCK models. You must use our ammunition in rental guns. With over 150 firearms available, there is no shortage of options. Stick to a gun you know and enjoy or get out of your comfort zone and explore. If you like one of our rental guns, we have it in stock for sale. Our knowledgeable staff can help tell you on what style or caliber will be a good selection. While heavy-duty weaponry may seem enticing to the novice, bigger isn’t always better; developing skill with handling and aiming is always preferable to wielding an unmanageable firearm. There are 25 makes and a wide variety of models, so there is something right for everyone. 

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Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, range and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind.