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A one hour instructor lead class helping to hone skills in both the firearm competition world and advanced personal defense. Each one hour trial focuses on building one skill at a time including advanced holster draw, accuracy, distance shooting, reloading, movement etc. No two ASI Trials are the same! Learn practice drills and skill builders that can be used at home and on the range. This is not an Action Shooting International Match.

Prerequisite: Holster Draw Exercise

Each student must bring his or her own firearm, flashlight, OWB holster, and 150 rounds of ammunition.

Class Schedule:

June 13th

5pm-6pm: Holster Draw Exercise

6pm-7pm: Accuracy & Reloading

7pm-8pm: Advanced Holster Draw(Review from 5/30)

June 20th

5pm-6pm: Holster Draw Exercise

6pm-7pm: Use of Cover & Malfunctioning

7pm-8pm: Non-Dominant Hand Holster Draw

June 27th

5pm-6pm: Holster Draw Exercise

6pm-7pm: Low Light

7pm-8pm: FBI Qualification Course




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