June 2018 Newsletter: Importance Of A Family Security Plan


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Dear Heritage Community, 

Summer is finally here bringing longer days, more leisure time, and more time for family and friends, unfortunately, it is also a time of higher criminal activity.  A study by the U.S. Department of Justice identified that household larceny, burglary, aggravated assaults, rape, sexual assault and domestic violence were all found to be highest during the summer when compared to other seasons.   

Take the time now to dust off your family security plan for your home and travel. Start by relooking the security assessment to see if anything changed. Remember to plan security with “layers of defense”. If you don’t have a security plan, take our flagship class, Defense is Personal.  This class covers all the basics of situational awareness and security planning. Remember situational awareness is the most important skill and mindset to always practice but especially this season when we are out and about more often.

Even though you hope the security measure you implement will deter any threat, you need to know how you will defend. With that in mind, check expiration dates on your pepper spray, check batteries on flashlights, safes, and Tasers.  You should rotate ammunition in firearms by firing a few of your defensive rounds through your firearm to check reliability and enhance confidence.

The best way to enjoy summer and de-stress is to know your family security plan is in place and you and the family are confident.

All the Best,
James LaFleur
President, Heritage Training and Shooting Center 

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