New Low Light Shooting


Every Wednesday from 9am-9pm train using a handgun in a low light shooting situation. Bring your own handgun with an attachment light or a flashlight and work on night time target recognition and shooting techniques.

Handguns Only

No Extra Cost

First Come First Serve


Low Light Shooting Rules

1. Handgun only 

2.  1 Handgun per Customer with corresponding ammo

3. 1 small shooting bag

4. Flashlight or attached light only

5. 1  Customer per lane

6. Shooting experience required

7. Maximum 6 shooters at a times. Please reserve online a minimum of 1 day 

ahead if possible. No phone reservations taken. No reservations means first 

come first serve

8. RSO clears all firearms before leaving the booth

9. Shout lane # if you need help from an RSO

10. Do not retrieve dropped items. Call an RSO to the booth

11. Point flashlight down range or in the booth only

12. Must be able to safely operate a firearm, load and clear in low or no light 


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