NEW! Sonic Cleaning Service


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Heritage Training and Shooting Center will now offer Sonic Cleaning for certain firearms. 

Sonic Cleaning delivers a superior cleaning of your firearms. The ultrasonic cavitation lifts and dissolves carbon, dirt and any residue left on your firearm after firing. The Sonic Cleaning will start at $75 for Pistols and $100 for AR's.

Full Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Full Detail Stripping of the Firearm.
  • Sonic Cleaning Bath to Remove Carbon.
  • Clean away residual Cleaner.
  • Compressor Dry.
  • Full Detail Cleaning for Carbon.
  • Part Lubrication.
  • Reassembly.

A pre-consultation is needed before dropping your firearm off for cleaning. Stop by our Retail Center for more information or call (240) 341-4006.

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