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How to Conceal Carry in Maryland


Conceal Carry Permit (CCP) and Concealed Weapons Permit, (CWP) are names we’re familiar with but in Maryland the title that applies is the Wear and Carry Permit. Our Maryland permit applies to particular applicants and without getting into a huge political rant, let’s break down the permit and go over whose eligible, the required training and recent updates to the process. 


Who does the permit apply to:

Owner or Employee of a Business - Submit photocopies of a Trader's License, Business License, or another legal document to prove the existence of the business or organization.

Federal Employees or Contractors - Who possess an active “Top Secret” or higher security clearance.

Assumed Risk Positions - Correctional Officers, Judges, State’s Attorney, Assistant State’s Attorney, and Elected Officials.

Active or Former Law Enforcement - Law Enforcement (Active, Retired, or Resigned in good standing from a recognized law enforcement agency)

Private Detective / Security Guard / Special or Railroad Police - All applicants who are employed as Private Detectives, Security Guards, Special Police, and Railroad Police, must submit a certification of qualification with a handgun from a Maryland State Police Certified Handgun Instructor on an MSP form. A copy of the form letter supporting “good and substantial reasons,” ownership of weapon, and location where the weapon will be maintained is also required. (This form can be obtained from your employer).

Personal Protection / Category Not Listed Above - There must be documented evidence of recent threats, robberies, and/or assaults, supported by official police reports or notarized statements from witnesses.

Training Requirements:

The required training is 16 hours of hands-on both law courses and self-defense range time. The final course also includes the State of Maryland required shooting proficiency.

We go above and beyond and take you through:

  • -situational awareness training
  • -holster draw
  • -the best conceal carry products
  • -try around 10 conceal carry firearm options
  • -understand the different conceal carry style handguns
  • -understand the best conceal carry calibers 
  • -advanced defensive shooting
  • -what happens to our brain in an assault and how we stay in the fight
  • -Required Maryland law/advanced law class and preparation
  • - advanced defensive training, including: 
  • Low light
  • Move and shoot 
  • Cover and concealment 
  • Close up handgun shooting
  • Advanced timed holster shooting

After our training has finished we also take you through the application in person, helping you with uploading all required materials and passport photos we take in house. This is invaluable because navigating the new application can be confusing without the help of an instructor. There is no better time than now to start your training that could be taken in a few days or broken up into classes over a longer period of time because we all know how busy we can get.

Need to renew your Wear and Carry?

Multiple times a month we offer the required 8 hours of renewal training for permit holders. Remember your training must be completed before you renew. Submission of all applications must be completed three months before the permit expiration and is now online at home or can be completed at Heritage the same day as the training.

Updates to the Wear and Carry:

In October we had two major updates to the wear and carry in both the application and restrictions to business owners.

Application Online- The application has moved online under the licensing division’s portal with the hopes that this will shorten the processing time of your application which could end up being 90 business days. Our instructors at Heritage are enjoying using the website because it really helps to organize all required materials before submitting them. Your payment is still currently required to be submitted through the mail which MSP hopes to change in the future.

Un-restricted business owner permits- Most permits prior to October 2019 all came with restrictions on when you could and couldn’t carry for work. MSP now recognizes that a business owner is, in fact, a business owner 24/7 so all restrictions printed on permits are revoked. This has caused a large influx of recent training as well as renewals and was a great win for Maryland business owners.

Understanding the process isn’t always the easiest, but Heritage makes it as easy as possible. Come in today or call 240-341-4006 to understand if you qualify or talk to a trainer about walking you through the training. 


By: Brandon Dunn AGM Trainer

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