Heritage Gun Range Rules and Procedures

At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we take safety very seriously. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers, we have implemented specific rules for our shooting range. All customers will be required to sign a form stating that they acknowledge these rules during the first visit. Heritage Training and Shooting Center reserves the right to refuse use of the range or service to any person at any time.


General Procedures


  1. All persons using the ranges must sign a waiver, read the range safety rules and procedures before attending the safety briefing.
  2. A valid, U.S. government issued photo ID is required to rent firearms and use the ranges.
  3. Only ammunition bought at Heritage is permitted for use in rental firearms.
  4. Our staff are professionals and will exhibit a high level of customer service during your visit.  We ask our customers to exhibit the same level of respect.
  5. Heritage Training and Shooting Center reserves the right to refuse use of the range or service to any person at any time.


Range Rules


  1. No one under the age of 15 is permitted on the ranges. No one under 21 is permitted to be in possession of handgun on the range without a 21 year old legal guardian present.
  2. Must be 18 years or older to rent long guns. Must be 21 years of age to rent handguns.
  3. For the health and safety of the woman and child, pregnant women are not permitted on the range.
  4. All firearms entering the facility must be cased and unloaded. “Cased” means zipped up or latched shut.
  5. All persons must wear eye and over the ear protection at all times worn at all times entering the range and exiting the range.
  6. Appropriate attire and closed toe footwear are required while in the range area.
  7. All range bags and cases must fit within the confines of the shooting booth without posing a tripping or safety hazard. Multiple bags posing a hazard will be returned to vehicle at RSO’s discretion.
  8. Uncase your firearm only on the firing line with muzzles pointed down range. Use only one firearm at a time and when finished, case the unloaded firearm and its ammunition before uncasing the next one.
  9. Instructions issued by RSO must be obeyed immediately. Shooters witnessing any unsafe condition or act should notify the RSO immediately.
  10. Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) are not instructors. Instruction may only be conducted by Heritage certified Instructor.
  11. Cease Fire On the command “Cease Fire” stop all shooting, keep muzzle pointed down range, and await further instruction. On the command, “All Clear” you can resume shooting.
  12. Careless or unsafe behavior is prohibited and will result in immediate ejection.
  13. Tracer, armor piercing, steel jacket/core, belted magnum, and steel shot ammunition are not permitted in the ranges.
  14. No muzzle loading firearms, black powder firearms or calibers exceeding .44 magnum, .3o8, and 10 gauge are permitted on the range. See Range Operations Manager for any exceptions.
  15. Shotguns that have only a pistol grip are not permitted on the range.
  16. No BB/Pellet and airsoft guns are not permitted for use on the range.
  17. Know and understand the operational mechanisms and safety features of your firearm before going on the range.
  18. Be sure your firearm is safe to operate and use the correct ammunition.
  19. Be sure your firearm is authorized for use on the range.
  20. Customers who desire to shoot handguns from the holster must be “Holster Draw Certified” through
    Heritage’s Holster Draw Exercise. Strong-side, outside-the- waistband holsters only are permitted.
  21. Only controlled fire is permitted.
  22. All firearms must be fired from the bench rest position or standing unsupported.  No prone, kneeling or shooting utilizing the sides of the shooting booth for support.
  23. Cleaning or disassembly of a firearm is prohibited in this facility.
  24. If two people are assigned to the shooting lane, only one is in the booth at a time.  The other person is one step to the rear of the booth. 
  25. Pass a firearm by placing it on the shooting bench, action open, muzzle pointed down range. Do not pass a firearm hand to hand. Never give a firearm or take a firearm from a person unless the action is open and the gun is unloaded.
  26. Never move forward of the firing line designated by the front of the shooting bench.
  27. Never handle firearms or load a magazine outside of the shooting booth.
  28. Do not shoot at targets in other lanes.
  29. Dry firing is permitted on the firing line only.
  30. If a malfunction or stoppage occurs (firearm or ammunition problem) and you cannot clear the problem, keep your finger off the trigger, keep the firearm pointed down range, stay in shooting booth, and raise your non-shooting hand to signal a Range Safety Officer (RSO) for assistance. Do not leave the firing line/shooting booth with a malfunctioning firearm.
  31. A shooter that continues to experience multiple firearm/ammunition stoppages or malfunctions after an RSO has attempted to resolve the problem(s) will not be permitted to finish their course of fire and is ineligible for a lane rental refund.
  32. Shooters may retrieve their expended casings behind the firing line only after they have unloaded and cased their firearm.
  33. Smoking, eating, drinking, vaping, gum or use of tobacco are strictly prohibited on the range.
  34. Never use alcohol or drugs, including medicine that may affect mental alertness and/or coordination before or while shooting.
  35. Always wash your hands after shooting or handling your firearm.


Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, range and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind.