Maryland Wear and Carry Permit

At Heritage Training and Shooting Center, we make the Maryland Wear and Carry training easily accessible for your busy schedule. Heritage Training and Shooting Center hosts state-of-the-art simulation labs, classrooms, and ranges to help you train for concealed carry situations.

With our modular training format, you can take a short course when it fits in your schedule to build towards your 16 hour Maryland requirement. We will make sure to provide consultation and insight at each step of your training to help you towards the Maryland Wear and Carry requirements. We also provide Livescan Fingerprinting and will assist you in completing your MD Wear and Carry Application. Passport Photos and Fingerprinting Services are available 9am - 9pm daily.

Completion of all training does not guarantee approval for the MD Wear and Carry Permit. All applicants will be interviewed by Maryland State Police and the decision will be made by them.

Please email: or call 240-341-4006 to complete your opening consultation.


MD Wear and Carry Course Requirements

All classes/training (16 hours) must be taken at Heritage Training and Shooting Center

*Consultation prior to training REQUIRED*

Application must be submitted within 1 year of training



 1.  Defense is Personal- 2 hours                                                    $75

The Defense is Personal Course presents the mindset and tools to develop a personal defense plan for each individual. Heritage instructors assist all students in identifying specific threats to safety in the home, at work, and while traveling. This course does not include firearm instruction.

2.  Maryland HQL- 4 hours/ 2 hour Add-On                                   $160 Full Course/ $70 Add-On

We will discuss handgun safety rules, terminology, operation, ammunition types, basic shooting fundamentals, home safety, and Maryland Law. Class includes Heritage's Basic Semi-Automatic Handgun Course, simulation lab, and range time with our firearm.

3.  Utah CFP- 4 hours/ 2 hour Add-On                                           $195 Full Course/ $100 Add-On

This course provides all necessary training qualifications for a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is recognized in over 30 states (not including Maryland). We will discuss concealed carry ammunition, different types of concealed carry firearms and holsters, Utah legal instruction, reciprocity, legal firearm transport, and criminal & civil liability.

*If you already have a HQL, the HQL Add-On and the full Utah CFP is required *
*If you already have a Utah CFP, the full HQL and the Utah CFP Add-On is required*

4.  Defensive Handgun- 2 hours                                                     $150

This intermediate course discusses ammunition selection, clearing malfunctions, reloading, and barricade shooting. All of which will be practiced in a live fire exercise on the range. The rental of firearms, range fees, and ammunition are included in the price of the course.             

5.  Low Light Techniques- 1 hour                                                  $75

Students will have a brief introduction of the concepts, techniques, and challenges of shooting in a low light environment    


6.  Defensive Concealed Carry- 1 hour                                           $75

This class will help you understand how a concealed carry firearm fits into your personal defense plan. Heritage Instructors will address various techniques and equipment for carrying a concealed firearm for defense.

7.  Decision Making for Personal Protection- 2 hours                      $125

The decision to use deadly force in a defensive situation can be a life-altering decision. Heritage Instructors use the state-of-the-art simulation lab to prepare you for making these decisions when carrying a firearm. You will be put into the situation and build the skills to handle stressful situations.


8. Drawing from Holster Exercise- 1 hour                                      $75

This course provides the fundamentals to safely and effectively draw your firearm from a holster. After a brief lesson in the classroom, the student will demonstrate proficiency in the new skills in the simulation lab. The class concludes with a live firearm exercise conducted on the range.

9.  Barricade/Low Light Handgun Exercise- 1 hour                         $75

     This course provides the fundamentals to safely and effectively utilize a barricade with a handgun. This course builds on the fundamentals learned in the Low Light Techniques Course. After a brief lesson in the classroom, the student will demonstrate proficiency in the learned skills in the simulation lab. Barricade and low light shooting skills will be put to the test as the students practice a challenging course of fire on the range. Firearm rental, flashlight, and ammunition are all included in the course fee.



       Maryland Wear and Carry Proficiency                                      $45

This proficiency course was developed by Maryland State Police in order to qualify for a Wear & Carry Permit. Each student will demonstrate gun safety and proficiency with a minimum passing score of 70%.

*Done with Heritage guns (Glock 17), holsters and ammo*



Completion of all training does not guarantee approval for the MD Wear and Carry Permit.
All applicants will be interviewed by Maryland State Police and the decision will be made by them.


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