Benefits of Competition Shooting


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Competition shooting is a great way to have fun while honing your firearm skills – the benefits are countless. A great way to get started is with the GSSF Indoor League here at Heritage Training and Shooting Center. The targets are large enough to be beginner friendly and the course of fire is easy to follow and well organized. Plus, you get the chance to win prizes and awards, including a GLOCK pistol. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of pistol competition: 

- Increases confidence and familiarity with your firearm 
- Improves marksmanship skills
- Builds physical and mental discipline 
- Provides camaraderie and opportunity to meet new friends 
- Helps you set and realize goals 
- Offers the chance to win great prizes 
- Relatively inexpensive 
- More fun than golf 

- None 

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