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The Top 10 Questions Women Who Are New Gun Owners Ask

Gun ownership, concealing and carrying, and gun safety is three topics that we hear in discussion regularly. According to a survey conducted by Pew Social Trends 30%percent of Americans personally own a gun, while another 11% percent say that there is someone in their house that owns one.
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Why Target Practice is Such a Great Stress Reliever

Target practice relieves stress
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Understanding Why Cleaning is Important for Your Firearm

Firearms are built to last a long time, and many safety features are put in place to prevent accidents. However, your firearm may not last as long and your safety features may not work as effectively if your firearm isn’t clean. For these reasons, gun cleaning is an important aspect of gun ownership.
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Trainers Tip: Moving and Shooting

Often, when we go to practice with our firearm we do the same thing every time. We pack our range bag and head to the range. When we get there, we stand in a perfect isosceles stance with our arms in the correct position and our muzzle pointed downrange. We meticulously prepare for each shot.
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Drawing From The Holster

Always use the reinforcing approach to safety: Avoiding discharge AND Minimizing risk.   Always point the firearm in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger until the firearm points at the target. Use an outside the waistband, hip holster, which minimizes the risk of pointing at your leg.
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Practicing The Fundamentals

Are you new to shooting? Or thinking about returning to shooting? Being a good gun-owner means you need to practice your basic fundamentals. Two of the most important things to think about are your sight picture and trigger control. These are two things that you can practice with your handgun on the range or in your home!
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Finding a Good Firearms Instructor

A good instructor or coach has the ability to help you progress, regardless of your current skill level.
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How to Select the "Right" Shotgun

The first step is to identify the purpose and use for your Shotgun. This will narrow down your choices. The next step is all about "accessorizing".
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Benefits of Competition Shooting

Competition shooting is a great way to have fun while honing your firearm skills – the benefits are countless. A great way to get started is with the GSSF Indoor League here at Heritage Training and Shooting Center. The targets are large enough to be beginner friendly and the course of fire is easy to follow and well organized.
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Tips for Competitive Shooting

Accuracy is Key.  Relax and Have Fun. Remember Anyone Has a Chance at Winning.
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“How much training and practice do I need”?

The amount of training you need depends on your goals. Let’s compare it to running. Some people enjoy a leisurely jog a few times a week, others train to run in a local 5K. Some people wish to complete a marathon and others train to WIN the marathon. The type of shooter you wish to become will determine the amount of education, training and practice that you need.
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Tips For Improved Shooting

Tips for improved shooting, for both new and old shooters, can all be traced back to what I consider to be two often overlooked fundamentals that work together to improve your accuracy: trigger pull and sight picture.
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5 Tips to Improve Your Shooting
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