Finding a Good Firearms Instructor


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A good instructor or coach has the ability to help you progress, regardless of your current skill level.

A beginner will need a very calm patient "Teacher" This teacher will be able to explain and demonstrate all of the correct fundamentals of shooting. Emphasis on safety should be paramount. A good teacher will be able to help the student to develop his or her own skills. Different students may have different goals. The most important objective of a good instructor should be to assist the student in achieving those goals.
Advanced shooters are always looking to improve their skills. A shooting "Coach" can help. A good coach can offer advice on improving accuracy and speed, clearing malfunctions, acquiring smoother reloads, etc. A coach is able to give the experienced shooter the right 'drills' or 'homework' to practice in order to reach their goals. The right coach will challenge the student and push them in the direction of excellence.

It is vital that your instructor or coach has knowledge advanced ability and skills of their own. It is important that they have taken the time to acquire teaching certifications and that they pursue continuing education. The most important attribute of a good instructor is their genuine love of teaching and their desire to help you, the student, to successfully reach your goals.
I have been teaching at Heritage for two years and believe that all of our instructors possess these qualities. Whether you are a first time beginner or a lifelong shooter, we have an instructor that can help you excel.

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