Tips For Improved Shooting


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Tips for improved shooting, for both new and old shooters, can all be traced back to what I consider to be two often overlooked fundamentals that work together to improve your accuracy: trigger pull and sight picture.

Next time you’re at the range, try this technique to get an accurate shot:

1. Point your finger out in front like you are getting ready to pull the trigger.

2. Then, imagine a tube of chapstick balanced on a tongue depressor held by your thumb and middle finger, parallel to your outstretched finger.

3. If you needed to pull the chapstick toward yourself, using just your pointer finger, how would you do it? Nice, easy pressure, pulled straight back towards you. If you jerk your finger, it will fall. If you tip your hands forward, it will fall.

4. This will keep your sights straight and tighten up your shot group.

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