Drawing From The Holster


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Always use the reinforcing approach to safety: Avoiding discharge AND Minimizing risk.  

Always point the firearm in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger until the firearm points at the target. Use an outside the waistband, hip holster, which minimizes the risk of pointing at your leg. When pulling the firearm from the holster- keep the grip on your body; tilt the muzzle out. Keep the safety off until the muzzle is pointed at the target. When joining hands, your weak hand chases the firearm; the firearm does not go to the hand.

  • TAKE YOUR TIME HOLSTERING, there is no rush.
  • When holstering, ‘do the bump’: tilt your hip out so the muzzle points away from your leg.
  • When the firearm is moving to the holster- engage the safety (if applicable).  
  • When holstering, make sure nothing gets in the trigger guard.

Slow is Smooth, Smooth will become Fast.
Stay Safe.

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