How to Select the "Right" Shotgun


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The first step is to identify the purpose and use for your Shotgun. This will narrow down your choices. The next step is all about "accessorizing".
A shotgun can be utilized for many different purposes such as Trap Shooting, Hunting, Home Defense, or Competition. The style of Shotgun for each purpose will vary in its barrel length, action type and ability to hold ammunition. There are many choices of action type. Action types can include Bolt, Lever, Break Action, Pump Action and Semi-Auto. Your intended use will dictate which "Gauge" (bore diameter) is appropriate. You will also need to determine if you want a "Choke". A choke is a tapered constriction of the bore that alters the distribution of the shot (pellets). You may opt for a fixed choke or a screw in. If you are interested in hunting deer, you may even want an optic or scope on your gun. So many choices can seem confusing.
If your main concern is home safety, consider the attributes of a 'Defensive Shotgun'. A short barrel length makes the gun more maneuverable. Ghost ring or fiber optic sights offer easy target acquisition. A pistol grip may offer you more stability holding and controlling the gun. Defensive shotguns will also hold more ammunition.
Accessories to consider: Adjustable stock, on board ammunition carrier/side saddle shot shell carrier, extended magazine tube, a weapons mounted light, a sling and of course a suitable carrying case. The most important "Accessory" is the right ammunition.  Your Defensive Shotgun is able to shoot a variety of different options such as Birdshot, Buckshot, Slugs, special Defensive ammunition and more.
If you would like to learn more about the defensive use of the shotgun, try one of our classes. If you need a little help deciding which shotgun is right for you, our experts in retail are happy to assist you. As we say at Heritage, "Defense is Personal”, so it is important to us that you have the right training and firearms for your personal defense needs.

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