Firearm Safety clinics

Arm Yourself with Experience Community Safety Initiative

Make firearm safety a priority for your family in 2017 and make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and tactics needed for firearms to be a safe and effective protection tool. Heritage Training and Shooting Center is now a family-friendly facility, welcoming all people 15 years and up to learn about gun safety and hone their personal protection skills.
Visit Heritage Training and Shooting Center on Saturday, January 14 from 11am to 3pm for a free clinic focused on firearm safety and responsible gun ownership for the whole family.
Perfect for anyone that will encounter or have access to firearms, this Arm Yourself with Experience free clinic is intended to help people 15 years and older looking to increase knowledge of firearms and learn the skills needed for firearms to be an effective protection tool.

The Home Firearm Safety clinic will be offered on a 30-minute rolling schedule from 11am - 3pm.




Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, range and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind.