May 2018 Newsletter: National May Celebrations


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Dear Heritage Community, 

There are few days of National celebration in May that deserve our thoughts.  We start the month out with Law Day and right in the middle of the month, May 19th, is Armed Forces Day.  Last but certainly not least the month closes with Memorial Day on May 28. For Armed Forces Day we hope you take a moment and thank a service member. We will be offering half-price lane and firearm rentals for all active duty and retired armed forces members on May 19th with valid military ID.

Today, we celebrate Law Day which aims to help people reflect on every American’s rights as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending and protecting our freedoms. During this month, I encourage you to look at our laws, particularly those concerning the 2nd Amendment and think about how they impact your ability to defend yourself and family. We say Defense is Personal – personal responsibility and personal accountability.  On Memorial Day, I ask everyone to pause for a moment and reflect on members of the armed forces who paid with their lives for our rights and freedoms.

This month at Heritage we continue to roll out more tools for assisting in your personal defense.  We are constantly asked about concealed carry insurance and have been reluctant to recommend any one company until now. After much research, we not only recommend USCCA but are proud to announce our affiliation with USCCA. USCCA is a full-service organization providing education, training and self-defense insurance. The insurance has one of the most comprehensive coverages.  We will begin offering the USCCA training classes this month. To learn more about USCCA visit our website and look below for our May schedule.

All the Best,
James LaFleur
President, Heritage Training and Shooting Center 

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