Using a Tactical Light in Defensive Situations


At Heritage, we are frequently asked whether a handheld flashlight or firearm-mounted tactical lights are better in defensive situations. If you have a tactical light mounted to any of your firearms, you’re familiar with the convenient, accessible illumination this feature gives you in the dark. Both hands are free to effectively function the firearm, and a well-placed switch turns the light on and off without losing your grip. However, you must remember that pointing a firearm-mounted tactical light means pointing the gun. As a civilian defending your home, are you ready to point your firearm at every bump in the night?  What if that bump is your son or daughter getting a midnight snack? Whether you are a civilian or law enforcement, it is not an acceptable practice to point a gun at someone simply because your light source is attached to it.

               So, how do you use the mounted light without violating the most basic rules of gun safety? One option is the use of a handheld flashlight as your primary source of light until you have made the decision to engage the threat. Once you are sure of the threat, transition to your firearm-mounted light. This technique allows a handheld flashlight and a firearm-mounted tactical light to be used to complement one another. This technique is effective for many in low light conditions, however it is important to note that a firearm mounted tactical light is not required to enact an effective defense in low-light situations. A variety of holds and techniques exist for the use of a handheld flashlights to illuminate and engage the threat. Choosing to use a firearm mounted light, handheld light, or both, means you are willing to take on the huge responsibility to get out and train in low-light settings with your firearm.  Always take the steps necessary to arm yourself with experience.

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