5 Tips for Your First Time at the Gun Range

A shooting range is a place where order is important and standard precautions are in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the line. We’re here to help make your first experience at the range a successful one. Heritage Range and Shooting Center has two ranges that each feature twelve 25-yard lanes. During peak hours, the decibels can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never been around firearms prior. We assure you that if you follow these tips for self-defensive gun safety on the range, you’ll find the experience far more enjoyable. Additionally, you will leave Heritage with the knowledge that very well could be life-saving for you or your family. Check out these five tips to make your first time at the shooting range as enjoyable as possible!


1. Take A Gun Safety Class

We offer several courses for new gun owners, or those looking to handle a rental from our shop. Gun safety courses can be instrumental in helping you familiarize yourself with the proper way to handle a gun, both on and off the course. In addition to courses aimed at educating you on the operation and handling of various firearms, Heritage also offers courses on developing a personal defense plan for your home, work, or during travel.


2. Familiarize Yourself With Range Rules

By studying range rules and procedures, you can help reduce the anxiety of the unknown and even impress a veteran gun owner with your attention to detail. It’s important to the initial range training that you become familiar with terms used by range instructors, such as “Cease Fire,” and how to safely transfer a firearm when there are multiple shooters on a lane.


3. Ensure Your Safety Equipment Fits

While safety gear is available for rental from our shop for use on the range, it’s important that yours is fitted before stepping on the line. Eye and ear protection is an important aspect of firearm training. 


4. Select An Appropriate Caliber

It can be enticing for some to go for a higher-caliber weapon. Some non-gun owners are known to conflate caliber with effectiveness. This perception can hinder your gun training. Our knowledgeable range and shop staff are here to help you.


5. Enjoy Yourself!

One of the best ways to experience the range for the first time, is anxiety-free. Taking comfort in your preparation and being alert and open to instruction is key. Our Self-Defensive Gun Safety courses are all designed to ease you into the world of responsible gun handling.

Once you’ve taken one of our pre-requisite firearm basics courses, feel free to sign up for our Beginner’s Range Instruction


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