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Investments in firearms, be it by collectors of antique guns, law enforcement agencies, operators of gun shooting ranges, hunters, or shooting enthusiasts of any stripe, can be substantial. Planning to maintain firearms is an important part of protecting your investment in pistols, rifles and similar weapons. The Heritage Training and Shooting Center Sonic Cleaning service is widely employed by gun shop repair services, citizen firearm owners, law enforcement agencies, the military and gun clubs, and for good reason. Nothing is better when it comes to removing lead shavings, residues from powders, old lubricants, in fact any contaminant that causes wear or otherwise impacts the performance or degrades the value of the firearm.

Sonic Cleaning Service

Sonic cleaning services are sought out because of its effective process. Cleaning takes place in a stainless-steel tank containing a sonic cleaning solution formulated for particular cleaning tasks. Heritage Training and Shooting Center has taken expert steps in sourcing the best tank capacities and dimensions for a wide range of firearms. While a broad range of tank dimensions and capacities are available, the cleaning process is the same for all.

Firearm Prices

Pistol: $60

AR Uppers: $75

Shotgun Barrels: $20

Full Attention is Given to Stripping of the Firearm

The cleaning of a gun needs to be thorough, so the first step is to strip it down. When stripping a revolver, the hammer is cocked to remove the cylinder assembly and yoke from the frame. The parts are separated and the side plates removed to ensure that the firearm is cleaned appropriately.

Semi-automatic firearms are broken down into individual parts until all areas can be exposed to the cleaner.

AR uppers can also be cleaned, but we suggest removing any electronic optics or a scope before the cleaning process.

Shotgun barrels can also be brought back to a new state in our sonic cleaner.

Have an exterior paint job? Our Sonic Cleaning services are available for custom pieces. The heaters allow us to set the cleaning solution temperature to what is recommended by the manufacturer, considering factors such as paint and other upgrades.

Overview of Sonic Cleaning Steps

  1. After your firearm is brought in the process will be completed by Heritage starting with disassembling the firearms according to the manufacturers’ instructions. If we observe loose contaminants, we will remove them with a brush to help preserve the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.  Then we place the components (minus grips and stocks) into the basket. 
  2. When the Sonic Cleaning service is started, we lower the basket into the solution and set the timer for 10 minutes.
  3. At the end of the cycle, we remove the basket and examine the parts. If we believe that your firearm is properly cleaned, we shake, wipe and allow the parts to dry, and then lubricate them. Lubrication is a crucial component in reducing wear on your firearm.
  4. After any residual cleaner is removed, we compressor dry all parts and components of the firearm. This reduces the chances of dust particles scratching the surface of any part of your firearm.
  5. At this stage, we again clean every individual part to ensure no carbon is left behind and bring all parts of your firearm back to the best possible functionality.
  6. After a firearm has been cleaned, it needs to be appropriately reassembled. The reassembly process is done with care to ensure the various parts of a gun are not damaged. Reassembly is performed in a sterile environment to reduce chances of dust particles being left in the firearm. After the gun is reassembled, the exterior is properly oiled to bring back your firearm’s great finish.

A firearm that has been cleaned in a sonic bath is removed of all the oil, grease, and any carbon present. Traditional ways of cleaning firearms have a considerable disadvantage, especially when it comes to the removal of carbon. The sonic cleaning process makes the removal of carbon easier and more accurate.

A sonic bath also enables the removal of any residual cleaner that may have been used before. The previous methods used to clean guns always left some residue on the firearm. Sonic cleaning leaves your firearm spotless and free of any residue.

The Sonic cleaning process is becoming more popular among gun owners because it is the only method of cleaning that ensures your firearm undergoes a full detail cleaning for carbon.  At Heritage, we are eager to help you with your firearm maintenance needs. To prepare the services correctly for your firearm, you will need to undergo a pre-consultation process before bringing it in. For more information, please fill out the form below, stop by our retail center or call us at (240) 837-8139.

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